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Options that deliver the highest possible return for you, including:
  • Written estimates
  • On-site and digital appraisals:
  • art, atifacts, antiques, fine furniture & decor, rugs, jewelery:precious metals/stones, vintage 
  • Managing on-site sales and auctions: a member of EstateSales,net  

  • 40 years as an expert in contracting;manage staff, estimate, know the right equiptment
  • Relationships with local charitable organizations 
  • Clearing and removing all trash
  • Packing, and moving; local, regional and coordinate long distance 

 Services to leave your property ready to sell:

  • Cleaning
  • Grounds Cleanup
  • Power washing decks, vinyl siding and porches
  • Painting interior and exterior
  • Hazardous waste disposal: safe, legal and cost-effective
  • Boats, automobiles and other vehicles liquidated 
  • Clean-outs of private or commercial storage facilities
  • Property maintenance until property is sold


We provide COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS...give us a call or CLICK HERE to contact us.

Estate Solutions CT, LLC  •  Branford, CT 06405  
or 203-980-0095